Good Morning Sunday, 26th of May 2019

Good morning! This post should have been written two hours ago, but I didn’t get up till just gone 9am. The cats were okay, but the chickens were voicing their displeasure at having a lay in enforced on them. But they’re okay now. They’re eating and scratching around their enclosure, which for the record you could fit a couple of medium sized cars in. I did have a minor moment of panic yesterday evening though. In addition to their enclosure we have an extended area for them to mooch about it. This extra space easily doubles the space they have but is not as secure as the main enclosure. So we only let them out in it while we’re home. Which I was last night. Imagine my horror when I looked out the living room window to see a fox wondering around the outside of the extended enclosure. I yelled at it out the living room window, and it just looked back at me. I swear it even looked bored. It wasn’t until I was out the back door that it hauled arse. I don’t think the hens were in any real danger, but it’s reinforced my stance that the hens are not out in the extended run when we’re not home.


There’s an odd insight into how random my brain can go at times! It came to mind as I’m writing this post at my desk, which gives me the view you see above. I can’t say how many words I wrote yesterday morning before work, but I added more in the evening and got a solid 1005 words written for the day. This episode of the vampire book is flowing really well. I’ve had a couple of moments where it’s slowed a little but I’ve worked through and got those scenes( I think it was only one scene to be honest) turned around. I might get it finished today, but we’ll see.

I do have a blog post that I want to make progress on. It’s a bit of a feature piece about a anthology TV series, but I can’t decide if I want to break it down to one episode per post, or if I want to group them together. I think I’ll see how it looks when I get more of it written.

Today’s target is a simple one, a thousand words.

Have fun, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunday, 26th of May 2019

    • There are pretty big. People think foxes are adorable, but they’re not. If it got into the chickens it’ll kill them all 😦 But having had chickens for almost a decade, we’ve never lost one to a fox 🙂


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