Good Morning, 13th of June 2019

Good morning! Just a little post this morning, mainly because I’m knackered!

I’ve been getting a few dribs and drabs with writing, with yesterday being one of my better days of late. I went to a write in, and although I’ve forgotten how many words I wrote, it was a decent number. It was less than a thousand but still pretty good.

I’ve not been able to get myself rolling as much as I’d have liked but I’m going to try and correct that today. I’ve got a short story I’ve started that I’d like to have done by the end of next week. I need to review the next story in the vampire series, but I’m tempted to just sit down and read through the whole thing to fully refresh myself with it all. I’m also working on a short blog post series so I’d like to get a little further along with those as well.

Right, I’m going to get a few words written in the twenty minutes I’ve got before work.

Have a great day, everyone!

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