I keep finding ways to dodge out of the stories that I should be working on. Take this vampire book for instance. I get in my head I need to rethink this part of it. Or I get a little out out by the fact that it hasn’t been a simple edit to get it to where I want it to be be. So I subconsciously use it as an excuse to work on something else that isn’t even on my slate of active projects.

This needs to stop! I can work on multiple projects at once, but I need to settle on three and stick to those three! I keep seeing a squirrel and chasing after it and getting nowhere.

What am I going to do about it? Well I’m going to settle on three projects. I know two of them and have to think on the third. But I’m going to stick to those three. I may jump into one of my longer term pieces like I mentioned las night. If a scene is speaking to me, I need to write on it. As a rule though, it’ll be three projects I’ll be primarily focusing on.

This morning, I’ve done a little on the vampire book. That’s going to be one of the three. With CS1 another. I’m not sure about the third so I’ll think on it.

Right, time for the day job. Have a super weekend everyone!

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