19th of June 2019

Good evening folks! Yesterday I wrote 237 words, and today I’ve written 1258……. Yeah I can see a slight difference there. How did I wrote a thousand words more today than yesterday? Well I had more time to write, but it’s not fair to compare to yesterday. I’m in a new relationship and I spent some faulty time with my girlfriend. So it’s not a fair comparison. What is a fair comparison is the evenings of the last few weeks where I’ve written sod all. So, what did I do differently tonight. Come about nine pm I’d finished watching the Porridge Christmas specials and shut the TV off and began writing. I’d had a bath and some dinner. Had a little time to chill out after a busy day at the day job and I was feeling fresh. Before I knew it I’d knocked out a thousand words and know where I’m going with the next few scenes of this vampire story.

During my lunch break I read through some old notes from WC1, and have scrapped many while keeping others. I’m going to need to put all the notes for that project into it’s Scrivener file very soon. This is a project that is a good eighteen months away from me starting it, but it’s going to need preparation. A lot of preparation.

Mac and Cheese and planning.

Despite being a touch tired today, I’ve had a lot of good ideas for a couple of different projects today as well, which is good. It shows my brains is firing nicely at the moment. Its been a while since I’ve had these little ideas pop into my head randomly.

Right, my brain has just clocked off for the day so I’m calling it a night. I’m aiming for a repeat tomorrow!

Have fun, everyone!

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