23rd of June 2019

I’ve had a lazy yet productive day. I got up late and then cleaned the henhouse our. After that I sat down to write at about 10am and drew a blank. So I began typing up some more of a short blog series I’ve been working on. I finished that post about 1pm and then out my feet up and watched movies for the rest of the day. I did work through the 5000 unread emails I had. Okay many of those were bulk cleared because there was only a few which weren’t trying to get me to spend money.

I did write 1008 words this evening though. It was one of those nights where it was like pulling teeth. I did have movies on while writing which is normally too much of a distraction but tonight it wasn’t too bad. I think I even pushed a bit harder with some of the story than I’ve been doing recently.

Tomorrow I have a writing group in the evening, so I’ve got to see to it I get my 1000 words before then.

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