15th of July 2019

Good evening all. Today I have written 1342 words. That’s my best word count for some time and I’m pretty darn happy about it! I wrote before work and during my lunch break. I think the two days off helped as it gave my brain a rest, and I think Saturday wondering around Colchester Zoo with my girlfriend helped a lot as well. Things like that are good for the soul.


Something I need to really focus on is making the most of my time. During the summers I find it hard to write in the evenings. I’m tired from my day job and its hot and muggy, like tonight. So getting as many words during my lunch break and before work is where I’ve got to get the bulk of my word counts done. There’s also things like staying at my girlfriends, I’m not going to sit on my laptop on those nights. The same with nights when I’m at the cinema. Those nights are zero words regardless of what time the film is screened.

Today has been a fine example of making the most of the time I have. Now, it’s not as good for editing but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I’m beginning to get beta readers notes back for the zombie book, and outside of grammar stuff A couple of comments have been I need to push myself harder, but in the best way. In the way where it’s a hand on my back and ‘you can do this’ sort of comment. Which is what I need to hear and do that, much myself. So it’s not as ready as I’d like but it’s getting there.

That’s me done for the night. I hope everyone has had a good day, and have fun!

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