25th of July 2019

Good evening folks. We’ve had the hottest day of the year here today, and I’ve got to admit despite a good five litres of fluids and being inside (kinda) for the bulk of the day I was feeling it by about 5pm. I still wrote 988 words today. 298 on Extraction first thing and then 690 during lunch and a little tonight on the vampire book.

I do have somewhat of a headache now, and I’ll be off to bed soon. I am still behind on target and I think I’ll be having to catch up to hit my 20k a month target but there’s still four months to go.

I don’t feel like I’m writing just to hit a word count though. It feels like each word is written with an end goal in sight. Whether it’s a long term project like the vampire book or something new like Extraction, it feels like I’m moving forward and growing as I’m moving. It’s a nice feeling.

Right, I’m off to bed with a good book.

Have fun, be kind, and be true.

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