A Failed Target

I didn’t hit my 2000 word target last night, I was well short and hit 800. It was a pretty good 800 words though. I got a lot of character work done and I was held up by the fact I needed to clarify a few details with Owen before I could carry on. I had a couple of everyday life hold ups too which didn’t help and were unavoidable. So come
Sunday I’ll be looking at making up the difference, although I’m tempted to take my laptop to work and do some during my lunch break which is what I was doing during NaNo.

On another note a good friend of mine commented that my spelling and grammar on here needs work. I’d like to think that it’s only my iPhone posts which have these faults but if it’s not, never mind. My fiction gets edited by a different friend, this does not. If u do see any typos though, please feel free to point them out 🙂 lol

6 thoughts on “A Failed Target

    • I think all writers have periods like that. I hade set myself an ambitious target for yesterday which if I’m honest I knew I wouldn’t hit, but I still wrote and as long as we’re writing we will get there in the end.
      Thank you for taking the time to read, and comment on my blog 🙂


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