Keeping Continuity In A Universe

The main project that I am working on at the moment is just one part of a bigger universe.  The majority of the characters in this story are not even the original characters that we created in this universe but many of those do play a part which means when me and Owen (this is one of our joint projects) go back to write the story we want to write in this universe we have to make sure that we have everything properly placed.

The biggest problem we have here is if we make reference to the earlier story then when we come to write that story we have to make sure  we remember to go back and read this story so we don’t make continuity errors.  I don’t think that it will be too much of an issue here because as I said this story does not centre on many of the characters we have for what will be the earlier story.  But there are also cultural details being integrated into the story which will be there for the history of this universe so we have to be positive we are happy.  As well as technology, seeing as it is a sci-fi story so there is a lot of detail that we need to get right.  I think this is where my short story series has helped because I have had practice with keeping things tied together, although there is a lot more detail with this story.

I think the key thing with continuity is to go back and look at what we’ve done before or keep a timeline of our universes, and have good Beta readers to point out the little hiccups.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Continuity In A Universe

  1. Hi Mike, thank you muchly 😀 I’ll pop over and have a peep inbertween writing blog posts and hitting my target for the week (I’m a little off, dont tell anyone shhhhh lol)


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