Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is a name that I have known of for a while and he is one of the writers that I have been wanting to read for that time but me being me it’s taken a while for me to actually hunt one of his books down, but I am glad it was this one.  Bradbury built up the pressure on the main character Guy Montag slowly, carefully and precisely.  Basically the story is of a fireman, who in this time and place are people who burn books and houses that hide the books that are now banned.  People who are more free-spirited are not encouraged in this world.  Everyone seems to live a very empty superficial life.  Slowly it is revealed that Montag is reading the books that he is supposed to be burning and he is questioning all that his world has become.  We don’t really see much outside of Montag’s world.  There is mentions of a war that be on the horizon but we are never told why.

Although I found that I enjoyed this book I did not fall in love with it like I have done with other stories. It is one that I feel that I had to read to advance myself as a writer and to a certain extent a human being.  It has raised a lot of questions in my head that randomly pop up and demand attention.

I did notice a few references to this book in the film Equilibrium.  A film that I would truly recommend anyone grabbing a copy of and having a look at it.

Bradbury wrote this story many years ago and his words have pretty much been made true.  People today forget knowledge and have fake friendships with people that we see on our television screens.  We ignore so much and pretend that our lives are full of happiness but as in Bradbury’s world many of us are in a dream world.

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