Wrapping Up The Week

This week has been a little hit and miss I’m afraid.  Writing started off well but veered off viciously towards the end of the week.  I’ve had to re-watch the three Lord Of The Rings movies to make sure that I know what Owen is talking about with some of his references so that’s taken up a fair amount of time.  I wanted to have it done by tomorrow so I’m just watching the last one now.  I also went and saw Dredd with a friend and all I will say here is ‘Wow!’ 😀  So that wiped a night out.  I have also had a couple of personal things pop up which.  There are times when writing can write.  It also served as a reminder of why I write and why I want the world to see what I write.  I am slowly putting a plan together for next year.  I know which two of my personal works I want to focus on, and I want to get the one that Owen has just finished tidied up and put out into the world.  So that is three major projects for next year already decided.  Now I just have to get them done.

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