Those Doubts

While I was having a break from all the writing work I began to have doubts about whether I wanted to keep on writing. I don’t think it was the actual writing that I had lost my love of, but more all of the stuff around being a writer. Editing, artwork, formatting, publishing my work on ebook platforms. Paying taxes on anything that I might actually sell!

All of it was relentlessly pounding my brain and I was thinking, I just want to write. Nothing more then that. I just want to make these amazing words real. I had a couple of false starts in trying to get rolling again but my heart was not in it. Projects where I just need to get edits done seemed like a huge task so I put them done and just watched a DVD instead.

Last night the tide turned though. I dived into my project from NaNoWriMo 2011 which needs edits done and some re-writing. I say some because I am not sure just how much yet. I’m not going to give progress reports, well not as such. I am just going to crack on with it until its done.

I am not giving up on writing though, or getting it published.


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