And, Back To The Start

I said yesterday that I was going to go back to the start of my WIP and correct a few problems. Mainly issues due to me not being sure of the location, so those are tidied up now and I’ve gone through and made a few more little tweaks here and there.  Nothing major, just the odd word or sentence here and there.  It’s turned out to be more hard work then I was expecting to be honest, well not hard work but there was more I needed to change then I realised. It’s the little details that make the story believable.  If someone wrote a story set in my hometown and mention certain details which they get wrong it makes me think that they did not bother doing their homework and I lose all desire to continue with the story (I’ll admit that’s something I need to improve on to).

I still have not caught up with where I had got to on the edits but I’m not working to a deadline so I’m not feeling like I have to bust a gut to get it done.  Once I’ve finished this draft, done my ‘Out Loud’ read through and sent this off to beta readers then I’ll think about artwork.  That’s a long way off at the moment though. Last year I set myself a lot of goals and hit none of them. So this year I’m not going to stress myself out and get my fiction completed in my own time.

One other thing, the title of this story is Avoiding The Game.  This does not reflect the story any more.  When I started writing this one in 2011 I did not see it going as it did so I will be scrapping this title (although I may switch it to another idea I have that it would fit into nicely) so I’m waiting for a new title to grab me.

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