Marking Progress

Something that I’ve noticed tonight is that a word count during editing is kind of pointless. This is something that I’ve known, but never quite appreciated until now. Tonight I’ve caught up to where I was on my editing of Avoiding The Game (all location errors are cleared up and a few little other bits have been changed).
If you’ve missed a couple of posts I started editing this story that I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2011 but after I had made a start I went to Sidcup, where my story starts, and had a little look around to make sure my memory was correct. So I started the edit again and I’m now at the point where I had got to before Sundays location scouting and I noticed that I have only added one word to the story.
Now I know that I deleted some bits and added others so I know that I’ve actually done some work on the story but it made me realise that I cannot use word counts as a marker for how much work I am doing on the story. So I’m going for the page count while I’m editing this bad boy. I am expecting to add a lot of words to it but I think that will be something that I’ll measure once this edit run is completed.

On another note I’m just about to start reading The Gunslinger by Stephen King. This is the first book in The Dark Tower series. I am really looking forward to this one šŸ™‚

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