Movie Monday: Doom

This is a video game adaptation of the popular Doom video game. I would imagine the majority of video gamers have played this one.  It was one of the first, first person shooter games there was and I remember playing the original with friends when I was younger so I was excited when i heard that it was going ot be made into a movie and I like it.  I’ve heard a lot of critiques say its not that good.  Here’s a quick plot summery.

A rapid response team of Marines are sent to a research facility on Mars where a quarantine has been activated. Before too long they are chasing, and being chased, through various hallways a sewers while a scientiest tries to discover the secret of the dig site.  Things go bad, and you get the gist.

It got slated, big time.  Critiques hated it, and teh fans were not too keen either.  I agree with two gripes I could see the fans having. One being the plot of the movie and how it differs from the game, and there was not a big enough bloodbath. In the games the character that you are playing puts down countless deamonic creatures but in the film it is never quite replicated.

It’s a good film if you just want some violence and a plot which is not being too smart with itself.  I have movies that when I want to turn off and just enjoy a movie and this is one of them. It’s not Shawshank Redemption, Inception or Inside Man, but its a perfectly good watch.

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