Something that I struggle with from time to time is sleeping. This normally takes two forms 1) either not being able to sleep or 2) waking up during the night, multiple times. If I’m under a lot of stress then sleeping well goes out of the window but also when I’m over tired or trying to figure out a difficult plot problem.

One thing I have learnt not to do is to try and force sleep. I used to lay in bed for hours just trying to drop off but now I’ll avoid going to bed early because even if I do drop off I’ll wake up feeling more tired. Now I’ll either watch a movie (like tonight) or get stuck into a book. So far this has helped quite well.

Waking up in the night can either result in me dropping off to sleep quickly or lay there trying to fall asleep. Thankfully I’ll normally drop off quickly 🙂

It almost took a car crash for me to realise that I needed to do something about my sleep problems. It was about three years ago now. I was working only ten miles or so from home but my commute took me down a busy duel carriageway and one evening I almost fell asleep as I was driving. That was the only time that I almost fell asleep at the wheel and it scared me.

Since then I have made sure that I am very thoughtful about how tired I am. When I am getting over tired I ease off of some of the bits and pieces that I am doing outside of my day job. Mainly writing, but I don’t stop altogether. I just ease off which seems to help.

At the moment I am sleeping pretty well, but having written this post I’ve no doubt jinxed myself lol 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Fingers crossed you haven’t jinxed yourself 🙂

    Im lucky if i sleep over 6 hours a night, and it doesn’t seem to matter what i do, i just cant sleep any longer lol…get a bit fed up being constantly tired though *yawns*


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