Looking Back At The Week

This last week feels a like its been a little hit and miss, like many of my weeks. Apollo is with Owen for his thoughts and I made some changes to a short story that I wrote about two years ago, but I’m going to put that one to one side till next year now. The changes I’ve made are minor but make the setting of the story better in my opinion.

Idea wise I’ve had a good week and my note book that I have with me while I’m at work has gotten a few pages filled in, including a few bits that I’d like to do with Project Apollo.

It’s been a tough week for me as I’ve struggled to sleep well, I get this once every few weeks or so. No matter what I do I’ll have a few nights where I sleep a very restless sleep which is really annoying as I like my sleep 😀

To next week though. I’m going to spend some time looking the notes we have on The Residents and add in a few ideas and see how they look once on paper and out of my head. I’m thinking about doing an edit run on Earth, After Liberation which was my NaNoWriMo novel from this year but I also need to work on a couple of synopsises for Owen so I may do those first and see where I am at the end of the week. Getting cracking on Earth, After Liberation is quite appealing at the moment as I have a lot I want to add to it and I think doing some actual writing again will be good for me. I also want to get the 2nd draft done so I can give it to my 1st reader/grammar checker. I’m eager for some feedback on it so I would like to get it to Beta readers sooner rather then later.


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