Gearing Up For An Easy Sunday

Today should be a nice, chilled out day. Tracie and I are off out to lunch later and then into the cinema to see Frozen, we saw it last week (in 3D) but we both really liked it so we’re going again but this time we’re going to see it in 2D. I may do a little work later, I have a couple of synopsis to write and some research to do as well but I’m not overly concerned if when I get home tonight if I just put my feet up, watch a movie and faff about on social media.

Speaking of research, I actually done some last night. I am pretty sure I’ll be working on Earth, After Liberation in the new year so there is a fair bit of research I want to do to add content and fill in some holes that are in the story.

After I got home yesterday and cleaned the henhouse out, had a bath etc. I got all my Christmas presents wrapped up, I hate wrapping things up. I will no doubt tear wrapping paper, get the cello tape wrapped around a finger and generally turn the air around me blue. Why can’t things be in a square box by the way? Thankfully most of the bits I got were in boxes 😀 it’s all done now though, I’ve just got the cards to write out which I’ll do one day in the week.
I wont be in the Christmas spirit until the 24th though. I’m not a Bah Humbug person but if Christmas Eve is a work day then I’m at work but we normally only do through till midday and then when we get told to sod off and have a good Christmas then that’s when my Christmas starts 🙂

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