Good Morning

It’s Tuesday, no it’s actually Wednesday isn’t it….. You can see how this post is going to go just from that really.

It’s been a few days since I’ve rambled along on here so I thought I’d better sling out a post. Writing wise I’ll admit I haven’t done much aside from making a few notes for Earth, After Liberation and yesterday I realised theres a potentially a huge plot hole in Project Apollo, that felt like I’d been hit by a tank. On a plus side I had thoughts from one of my fabulous Beta readers on a story I’m planning to release next year, that’s what I’ll be looking at over the next few days. I’m not sending it out to anyone else so I’m going to look over all of the notes I have and see what’s what. I haven’t read all of the notes for it that I got last night, simply because it came through near my bed time, but like a little kid waiting for Christmas I’m itching to read through and see what notes there are.

During NaNoWriMo I really lost my rhythm with reading, it didn’t help either that the book I had started reading I just couldn’t get into. Now I’m reading Shadows Of The Realm by Dionne Lister, and so far I’m enjoying it but I’m out of the habit of reading do my progress is not all that. During the next few days I’m going to try and get into the rhythm that I had a couple of months ago.
That ties into trying to sleep better, I’ve found that reading before I go to sleep often relaxes me and I’m one of those people that has really bizarre sleeping habits. I’ve never been one to just drop off as soon as I shut my eyes, I often lay in bed trying to sleep before I drift off but reading before bed seems to help me drop off a little quicker.

Right that’s enough electronic mumbling for one morning and I need to start thinking about work. Have a productive day everyone 🙂

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