A Busy Week

On Sunday I figured I’d be well stuck into the first story from my vampire collection but the week is turning out to be a busy one. I had a flake out on Monday (I think i had a little heat stroke) and last night I was at the cinema with a buddy watching Godzilla. Today I got home to find that my new iMac had been delivered so I’ve spent the night setting this up and getting my files transferred over. Tomorrow I’m off out to dinner with a couple of friends so there will be no work done then either. So it’s down to Friday to make some progress and get some red penning done on the first story because come Saturday I’ll be down Owen’s to make sure that we are both on the right track with Project Apollo. If we are then I’ll be streaming into the next chapter of that.

We do have a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so I’ve got Monday to spend working on writing as well so I’m sorely tempted to focus on a vampire story then. I have nothing else planned so I can’t see why not. I do have to sit down and brainstorm this series out a little before I get too stuck into any further work. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around and a lot of notes scattered through various note books as well. I need to sit down and collect all of those and see what they all come up with and see if I do still know where I am going with these stories. Okay, to be honest i know roughly where I want to go but I need to decide just when I get there. At the moment I have about five completed stories but I want at least ten for the first collection, and I have to lock down what I want the overall arc of that first collection to be. So I think a brainstorming session might be a good idea.


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