Feeling Good

Yesterday I went down to see Owen and after much procrastinating we finally got down to some work on Project Apollo. Owen is quite happy with what we’ve already got done- although I still have my concerns- but we seem to be in a good place and have only deviated from our thin outline slightly.

In the last fortnight though we have made some quite big changes to various characters so we’ll have to go back and make those changes. None of them are too drastic and one has even meant that we have to create a whole new character to through into the mix(okay, maybe that ones a drastic one but our resigning for it works out well for the story).

All in all it was a very productive meet and I then went home and got half a chapter written which I finished off this morning. I’ll be moving onto the next chapter shortly.

Once I’ve done that next chapter we’ll be holding off from diving into the next chapters as we’re at ten chapters and we want to go back and make all the little alterations that we have discussed. That way they are still fresh in our minds and we won’t be digging around in our memories or notes looking for these alterations we’ve been talking about.

I’ve had a lot of self doubt about my writing ability in the last year or so, but what I’ve written over the last week or so has actually felt good again. The process is feeling a lot more natural and enjoyable. It’s a good feeling 🙂


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