A Productive Day

I managed to get the last story, in the timeline, of my vampire series read through and red-penned. That one was the first that I actually wrote before I even had an idea of building this idea into a series. That in mind, I had to make a lot of changes to want I’ve got in it for it to tie in better to where I want this series to go. Although it was the first story I wrote, it actually is the last in the timeline of the series.

Once I’d got that done I spent a bit of time transferring the files over to Scrivener and getting them into the order I want them to appear in. The way I have the six stories I’ve already got written means I had a lot of flexibility when I put them in their final sequence. A couple had to go in a certain order because of events that happen in them.
I had them nicely set out, which meant I could fill in the gaps in the series. I’m looking at having ten in this first collection, or series may be a better way to think of it. I had five drafts done, and one partial. I know what I want to do with another one so that left me with three gaps to fill. One was easy to do so and the other two came after a little musing. For the unwritten ones I’ve got synopsis’ written for them so I know where I’m going with them.
I do have one other partial, it is set in the series and but I didn’t like the protagonist and I’ve scrapped it. I also have a handwritten piece partially written which I’d love to include but it’s not going to fit into the timeline that well. I’m going to file it and maybe put it together at a later date.

This afternoon and early evening I got the first in the collection edited and it’s now done! It took a fair bit of doing as I was putting in Beta reader notes as one of my readers has already looked it over.
Also, I started writing these in late 2009 so they are very rough. The grammar is horrid and some of the sentence structures is cringe worthy, and the amount of times I used the word ‘That’ is ridiculous!
Which all means that each one is going to take longer to make these changes then I initially thought. That isn’t a huge issue though as I’ve no deadline for this project.

Owen has gotten the latest two chapters of Project Apollo that I sent him so I fully expect to be taking the time to work on those in the next month as well.

Just two last things before I wrap this post up.

I want to thank my local NaNo gang for just being there, there a great gang and really supportive.

And I’m ending on a sad note; the writer Jay Lake died this morning after a long battle with cancer. I was friends with him on Facebook, and although I’m not a huge follower of his work, when I came across it I found I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the work he did with the METAtropolis collections. We weren’t friends but I did admire him a lot. From what I’ve seen of him and the amount of love that is being shown on his Facebook page, he seemed like an absolutely awesome man and I think this is definitely one of those times where the world is worse off now he’s gone.

My thoughts go out to Mr. Lake’s family and friends.

Rest In Peace Jay Lake, thank you for the stories.


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