A Quick Update

Last night I wrapped the edit of one of the longer stories in this vampire series. I’m not entire happy with some of the paragraphs near the end but I’ll hold off looking them over again till I’ve got the last three stories done. Two of those are totally fresh stories so tonight I’m going to work on brainstorming them and see what I’ve got to adjust from my original synopsis of them due to events in a story I wrote over last weekend.

Once I’ve got this first volume done and I’ve sent it off to Beta readers I’m going to get back on Earth, After Liberation and get some location scouting done and do a red pen edit on it. I think I’m going to have to scrap some of it, and then re-write those bits.
I’m happy with the overall story but it does need tidying up and I want to put a bit more in about the characters, give them a bit more depth.

I’m waiting on Owen getting back to me on a couple of chapters I’ve sent him of Project Apollo, so I’m expecting them to hear from him over the course of the weekend.


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