Finding The Best Approach

Despite wishing I was more able to at least do a little planning I am a discovery writer and I think it’s something I will always be, but since using Scrivener I think I’ve found out something about my method.
My current WIP, I’ve had sitting gaining dust since I first started it in 2009, has always been a collection of short stories that tie in together. I hope the way I’ve written them means you can read them on their own, but me being the control freak I am I’m putting them together in their correct timeline and will hopefully release them as a single volume. So having some sort of organisation as to what happens during the course of these stories was needed. Most of my ideas for how they built to an end game were kind of hazy, but since I’ve got Scrivener and since I’ve taken the decision to throw myself into my writing how I should have down three years ago, I can see where I want to go with them.
This is the first real project I’ve tackled with Scrivener and I’m glad I choose this one as it does allow me to set the individual stories into a proper timeline and it’s very easy to put notes into the sections further down the line. For example: in one story I have a character who later on will be the subject of an investigation and there were certain elements that sprung to mind as I was writing an earlier part of her story. So normally I’d rely on either memory or a postik note, neither of which work especially well for me, but with scrivener I can go to the section in the file where the later events will take place and write these little details in the notes section of the file.
I can also tweak the simple synopsis’ for later stories as I’m going and I can jump between the ten different sections I have for this collection without having to open up ten separate windows.

What does this have to do with being a plotter or a pantser I hear you ask; well, it means I’ve noticed that as I’m writing I’m planning events that will happen further down the line. Looking back I’ve always done this, but I’m slow and I’m just sussing it out now.


The last two months I have really thrown myself into my writing, the last month in particular and I’m actually feeling like I can write again. For so long I’ve felt like I’d lost something, I think that was that spark of creation and a lot of self belief. Since the middle of March I’ve written two complete short stories and two chapters on Project Apollo, I’ve also read through and edited six other short stories. All in just under three months. All I have to do now is keep this focus, this determination because its time I pulled this altogether. With that I am getting a little help. My local Facebook NaNo group is incredibly supportive and welcoming. I have friends who are writers that have always been there to support me.

I’m finally feeling good and excited about my writing again, it’s been far to long since I’ve had this feeling.


4 thoughts on “Finding The Best Approach

  1. Writing is a real journey which you describe here. I started my career as a writer and wrote for 16 years in various roles, although sadly no longer write for work. It is interesting to look back at articles written then and now and reflect on the journey of being a writer.


    • That’s a nice chunk of experience, I’ve been writing for about 9 years but only really seriously for the last couple of years. The last few months in particular I’ve had some ups and downs in my personal life which have been reflected when I’m writing too.


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