Slack Off Night

Okay maybe I didn’t slack off as in not doing anything tonight on purpose but once I’d had bath, dinner and washed the dishes it was pushing eight-thrity and then I went out and locked the hens up for the night and then its now. I know I’ve been on social media a little but no more then a normal night. I think it’s just been one of those evenings that need writing off.

I have only got about 10,000 words left to break up into chapters now so I’m going to try and have that done tomorrow. Then I need to start working through it and start getting the changes scribbled down. Normally I’d print it off and do a red pen run but I think I’ll go through with the red pen edits I’ve already made and at the same time make the other changes that I’m thinking of. Then I’ll print it off and hopefully that’ll be my last edit pass before it’ll be ready for Beta’s. While I’m doing this I’ll be making a few notes on the sequel. I’m not going to do an outline but I’m going to bullet point every idea I come up with and just have them to prompt me as I’m going. I already know the ending 😉 It’s one I’ve had in mind for a while and I think it’ll work really well here. If it does work out well then It’ll lead into a third book in the series, but that’s for next years NaNo (maybe).


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