NaNoWriMo: Day 3

This will be just a quick little update tonight. Between a quick writing session before I went to work and a few words during my lunch break I only managed to get about 300 words done, so tonight I need to get about 1300 done to hit the minimum daily word count. I knew I was ahead by a couple of days already but I still want to get at least the minimum target of 1667 words written each day, even though I know that won’t be possible. Tomorrow for example I’m going to the cinema about 8:30 in the evening so I know it’ll be a push to hit the 1667 that I want to, so that’s where being a few day ahead will help. Come Wednesday I’ll be back trying to hit the 1667 again.
It was a bit of a struggle tonight, but once I joined in with a sprint thread on Facebook I managed to not only hit the minimum but pass it and I ended up with 2400 words for the day. This brings me to about 9700 words in all, so tomorrow I should pass the 10k mark.

Finally, I just want to say that today was the first time I’ve deviated from my outline. It wasn’t a huge deviation and it won’t mean Ill end up throwing away the rest of the outline, I just need to make a minor adjustment on the next chapter is all 🙂

Well this quick little post turned out longer then I’d planned, I’m not proof reading this though as I’m a little tired. So feel free to point out the mistakes 😀


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