Monday 26th December 2016 (Boxing Day)

Okay, so I’ve been struggling with writing these last few weeks. Since NaNo ended I just seemed to have hurdle after hurdle. Before today I’d only had one day where I passed the thousand word mark in the entire month. I’ve had plot holes, tech related communication failures with Owen, and a few other daft writing hurdles. As well as non-writing related concerns that have had their little say in my time and energy this month. I’ve had a couple of days off from writing though, gave myself a little time to breath and to recharge my batteries a little and I knocked out 1500 words today and done a little work on this years NaNo story. I printed the story off a few weeks ago and tonight I got my guillotine out and cut the manuscript up into its scenes and figured out I need and what I don’t. I’ve still got to go through it and put it in the order that I want it in, but the order it’s in now isn’t far off where it needs to be. Some of it I’ve re-written scenes and I’ve got to decide which ones I like more for the 2nd draft. Then I’ve got to go through and figure out what I need to add to get the story to make sense. At the moment the story doesn’t have any real direction (much like last years NaNo story), but I think I know where I want to take the story. I’ve just got to get stuck into it again and figure out what those pieces are that I need to put into it.

Before that though I’ve got to finish The Space Watch. Those 1500 words today have helped. I did a quick read through this morning and got stuck in this afternoon. I’ve got a pretty good feel for where I need to take the story now. I’ve totally left the outline by the wayside now. The story has moved away from that and I think I’d be trying to shoehorn it into place otherwise. I am still sticking to the same story, hitting the key points that we’ve held in it since day one.

I do feel like I’m nearing a conclusion to it now, either that or subconsciously I’m sick of it now and I just want to get it done. Either way it does feel like the end is in sight.

(I haven’t proof read this cause it’s getting late and I’m wiped out)

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