Sunday 29th October 2017

This last week has felt like another slow one but I’ve written 7765 words this week. I’m kind of shocked by this. In no way does it feel like I’ve written that many words this week. I do wonder if it’s because I’ve working on three different projects this last week (technically I’m working on four but one hasn’t been touched this week).

I am honestly shocked at this word count, but pleased. I’ve got two short stories which have deadlines for submission. The other two are my own novellas which I’m working on. Those two won’t get much attention for the next month, NaNoWriMo is coming. I will keep working at the two stories which are for submissions, but the novellas will wait till December. I think I’m close to finishing one of the shorts, but the other is still in the earlier stages of the story. Thankfully the one that’s nearer done is the first that needs to be completed.

I’m going to try and get that one done tomorrow and Tuesday, but if I don’t I can make time over the next week or two to get it done.

Overall, a damn good week.


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