May 6th 2018

Nothing to report in today. I haven’t written or edited a word at all. This morning I gave my car a long overdue once over and this afternoon I’ve had a major chill out. Tomorrow, I start editing the short story I finished yesterday. That will be a digital edit. I’ll then print it off and do an old fashioned red pen pass on it. I’m hoping to speed up my process a bit. I’ll often leave a little too long between editing stages and I’d like to get this done and off to my beta readers quickly. I’m really fond of this story. I feel like I hit the target pretty well with it. The only thing I’m concerned about is the opening scene. It’s a scene that started the whole story off, but I don’t think it fits anymore. I think this is one of those kill my darlings moments. If I do cut it I’ll have to add a new opening but I’m not too concerned if it means the story works better.

Right, I’m off to do some reading and then bed. I’m aiming for an early start in the morning.

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