May 13th 2018 (or would rather have my teeth pulled out than write)

Today I did not want to write. I wasn’t in the best of moods and I was tired. The last thing on this planet I wanted to do was sit my arse down and write, having my teeth pulled would have been more appealing this morning. I stuck it out though. I put a YouTube playlist on shuffle (then later an album of my iTunes library as YouTube had a hissy fit), and got stuck in. It helped that I knew what I wanted to do, although the chapter I’m working on at the moment I thought would be more editing but I ended up scraping two scenes and I’ve re-written one and started on the next one.

In the end I finished the morning with 1169 words for the day. I find it surprising how easy the words can come when I’m pissed off. I know it acts as a form of therapy, it helps vent frustrations even if I’m not writing about, or even near, what’s on my mind.

That’s enough for now. I want to get some pages read on the books I’m reading.

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