May 18th 2018

I’ve not written much this evening, I have added a few words but not enough in my opinion to note. This evening has been more of an editing night than a writing one. I’ve got through another scene which was mostly editing, which the next will be as well I think.

The novella/novel I’ve been working on the last ten days or so I’ll refer to in future as PE3. PE represents the first letters of the story title and the 3 is the draft. I’m determined to have this be the final draft of this story.

I have read through my Beta readers notes for the short story I recently finished. There is nothing major there except grammar (which I suck at). The only thing they mentioned was that one key bit needed a bit more oomph to it. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that just yet but I’m going to think it over for a couple of days and see what I can come up with.

So, not many words but a little progress all the same.

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