16th June 2018

I’ve written 326 words today, all before work. I’ve been pretty consistent this month with writing. I’ve only got two zero word days for the month so far, which I’m pleased about. I’d like to get over the 500 words a day mark a little more often, but I’m liking my consistency at the moment.

I am managing to get up a little earlier some days, it does feel good getting words out first thing. It takes the pressure off for getting words down later on in the day.

I really want to get into the habit of writing as and when I can, I need to get my focus a little more honed. I find I’m very easily distracted. I’m going to have a play around with a few things to see if I can find something that helps me keep that focus. Music does help, but sometimes I think I need to be listening through earphones as opposed to speakers. I’m also going to start sprinting online again. I’ll pop a shoutout onto my local NaNoWriMo group and see if some communal sprinting helps get me firing.

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