17th June 2018

393 words this evening. Today has been the first Sunday in a long time where I haven’t got up and cracked on with the writing stuff. It’s Fathers Day so I went down to the caravan where my parents where and saw them this morning. Then this afternoon I played a good 75% of Gears Of War 4, completing it. I love those games and have left it far too long to play this one. It’s served to fuel a ton of ideas though. I think I’ve got some good ideas for a story I haven’t been able to get just right, but I’ve got to stick a fork through that one for the moment as I’m trying to focus on two other stories that I’d like to get done sooner rather than later.

I am getting stuck a little with PE3, so I might focus on WC2 for a few days as that one seems to be what I’m finding I’m working on easier.

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