June 19th 2018

Yesterday I wrote 127 words. This feels very feeble to me, but I wrote. I can make a ton of excuses as to why I didn’t write more but the only that really matters is I was especially lazy last night.

Laziness is a real problem for me. I hate the fact that my mentality slips into ‘can’t be bothered’ far too easily. It’s normally when I’ve had a tough day, or in this case have had a couple of nights where I’ve not slept well (last night continued this annoying trend when my cat attacked me during the night).

So this is me kind of declaring I’m going to kick myself into gear. The next few days I’m going to aim for 500 words of fiction a day, and I’ve got an article for a friends blog I’ve promised her. So I’m going to get my first draft of that done by Monday.

My biggest enemy is me, I need to find a way to defeat myself and get some work done.

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