June 30th 2018

296 words tonight. Tomorrow I start Camp NaNo and the 100k in a 100 days challenge.

I’m floundering a little at the moment. I’m struggling with fatigue and writing is suffering. I do think I’m a little stuck with PE3 at the moment so I’m going to switch to WC2 for a few days and see if that gets the creative gears rolling a bit.

I’ve written 14500 words this month, which is about 483 a day. I’m surprised by this because its quite close to the 500 words a day target I had and I really don’t feel like the last couple of weeks have been very productive.

In July I’m going to push myself harder.

2 thoughts on “June 30th 2018

    • Thank you. Thankfully the 100k target is over a 100 days but that doesn’t mean it’s easier. I’ve failed to hit the target each time I’ve tried. I think I’ve done NaNoWriMo six or seven times now and hit 50k at least three times 😊


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