NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Four

I had a bit of a slow start today, but once I got rolling I cracked out 2108 words today, which puts me on 7113 overall.

The short story I’m working on now has zombies in it, and I hope is going to be thought of as a fun one. I’m definitely having fun with it.

I could have written for another hour or two but I’ve got this coming week off and I want to chill out a little.

This coming week I’m really going to have a good crack at getting words done. I’ve got a number of write-ins to go to and plenty of time around those and other plans I have.

Something that always happens during NaNoWriMo is we get people who are speedsters. People who will either smash the 50k in a couple of days (one person in my region did it in twenty-four hours one year), while others will have a target of 100k, 150k or more. Sometimes it can be disheartening to other writers, especially newer writers or people who are new to NaNo. It really doesn’t matter how many words other people are writing, all that matters is that you keep writing. If you loose a day, you loose a day. Don’t sweat it, and don’t try to catch up. Just start the next day. If life gets in the way, don’t sweat it. If you don’t hit the 50k, it’s not the end of the world. Just keep writing. If you have 5k or 50k at the end of the month you’ve still got something to work with.

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Four

  1. 50k in 24h? I’d venture to say that they already had stuff written out before. Some people did Preptober, in which they planned everything. If you basically wrote out your entire plot, then dressing it up in words is not that difficult. Writing it all from scratch, though is much harder.
    That’s really neat that you get to have a week off. Definitely can help.
    Do write-ins motivate you? I find it that I better write on my own. Less distractions and less pressure.

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    • I don’t know what this individuals process was I’m afraid, but I do know some people who do plan heavily before NaNo, but I also know a woman in our region group that easily knocks out 1000 words in twenty minutes. We all have out ways of doing this.
      I always take a week off from my day job during NaNo, partly to get a few days where I can hopefully build up my numbers but also to get to a few write-ins. So to answer that question, yes I do find write-ins helpful. My regional NaNo group is very supportive and it’s more inspiring for me. We also have a monthly meet outside of November which is really good. Okay we don’t do much writing but we have some great conversations, which is great because so much of writing is a solo process so to sit and chat once a month about it is great.

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