7th of December 2018

Good evening all. Today I have written 756 words on PE3. I wrote some in the morning and some this evening. I was at a funeral during the day, which was a good send off for my uncle.

When I did finish writing I went to check how many words I’d written (Scrivener tells you, how cool is that!), and I was dead on 55k. When I was at 50k I guessed I was about 20k off wrapping it up. I’m honestly not sure how much more will be needed till it’s done, but I think having it done at about 70k feels right.

The title of the story is likely to change (hadn’t realised it had been caught in the picture if I’m honest), but yeah I’m not a 100% on the title.

Right, I’ve got a present to wrap and then bed.

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