8th of December 2018

Today is a good example of getting words down when you can. I cracked out 308 words on one of my NaNo pieces before work. I really like what I added to this story. It’s something that isn’t necessarily needed for the story but I think it adds to it and in all honesty it was a fun 308 words to write. I just let myself go and the words flowed very freely and I’m really happy with what I ended up with.

My plan was to then write this evening after finishing work and before going to a dear friends birthday party, but my laptop didn’t like the updates that were done yesterday and didn’t want to boot up properly. So by the time I got that sorted out it was time to leave. So no words on Penal Earth today. I’ve got a lot at home to do tomorrow but I’m hoping to get an early start and get words done before the day really gets cracking.

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