1st of January 2019 and Numbers From 2018

First of all, I’d like to say that when I wrote the title for this blog post I wrote 2019 and not 2018!

Secondly, I’ve written 1147 words for the day and done some editing and that’s this draft of PE3 done! No more rewrites or putting it away and forgetting it for two years. I’m going to stay off it for a week and then do a digital edit, and then an old fashioned red-pen edit. That’s all for next week though. This week I’ll work on one or two of the pieces I wrote for NaNo.

I just want to give a quick number rundown from last year.

I wrote 203397 words for the year. Here’s the monthly breakdown: January-15756, February-10556, March-6598, April-10517, May-16305, June-14500, July-20267, August-16692, September-8212, October-8917, November-55035, December 20042.

On average I wrote 557 words a day. I only had one short story published though. Hopefully that’ll change from here on out though.

One other number I want to share is that I passed a million words written at some point during November of last year. As of the end of 2018 I have written 1085131 words since I started keeping track properly in 2013. I took my NaNoWriMo counts from 2011(31189) and 2012(20464) as well, but I wasn’t keeping track of words properly until 2013. I didn’t realise I was this close until I was talking about it at a write in during NaNoWriMo. We were discussing keeping track and I thought I should really put all those numbers together, not raising that I’d already done that. I looked at the numbers and realised that I’d probably passed it at that point.

Those numbers are great, now I have to get stories finished and out there.

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