9th of January 2019

Just a quick post tonight. On Monday after I’d got a few updates on my desktop out of the way I got the prologue and first chapter edited of PE3 but did nothing yesterday as I went to see Bumblebee (awesome movie by the way). Tonight I was at a write in and over I managed to get the beginning of a short story tidied up so it works with something else I’m working on (I did a little of it yesterday during my lunch break and the rest of it during today’s lunch break). So this evening I was free to crack on with the story itself. I wrote just over a 1000 words tonight and think I’m getting close to the end of the story now.

Tomorrow I’m going to dive into PE3 and see how many chapters I can get knocked out.

Right, I’m dead tired and it’s late, so night all! Have a good one!

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