23rd of January 2019

Good evening! I haven’t written 870 words today, more likely about 500 or so but the last couple of days I’ve neglected to keep track of what I wrote and when. I’ve a feeling I wrote more yesterday than Monday but in the grand scale of things, it doesn’t really matter.

I am at 12100 words so far for the month, and have a feeling I may not be able to get to the 20k words written for the month. If I get this final edit pass of PE3 done by the end of play on Sunday then I might hold off making the changes that will be inevitable till February and smash out some words. I think I’m getting close to wrapping up CS1. I’m nearing 10k words on it and am feeling like I’m approaching the final straight.

I suspect the early part of this year will be editing heavy.

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