24th of February 2019

So, the editing pass on this Zombie Trifecta was a lot more straight forward than I was expecting it to be. There are three stories in this sorta mini collection and each one takes place during the same outbreak.

My aim for the day was to get through this edit pass, I’m glad it wasn’t more complicated to get it straightened out. I’d done a little editing on the shorter of the three stories so there wasn’t as much to change in them as I’d thought. The final story took a little more to bring it in line with the other two but only because it was written as a one shot story. It was written and done before I’d even started on the other two. I’d even started writing the second one before I’d thought to connect them. That was when I decided to make this little collection and decided to add a third story.

So the next stage is to get it read aloud and those notes made. I’m gonna give it a week or so though as I want to get moving with the vampire pieces again this week and get the one I’m working on done.

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