8th Of March 2019

Good evening all! 233 words today. Yeah not many. I’d like to be getting closer to the thousand words a day, but its 233 more words than I had at the start of the day.

I’m working on my vampire stories and have hit a hard part that I really need to knuckle down and just focus on. A lot of my writing time at the moment is me snatching words here and there. For this scene I need to get it bang on right, so I need to settle down and keep my focus on it.

The first draft of CS1 is done! but it needs a lot of work. I want to add a number of details and have to do the normal edits that’ll need to be done with a first draft. It is rough but until I read back through it I won’t really know what needs doing.

That edit will have to wait though. Before then I’ve got my final edit of my zombie trifecta to do, and I’ll get my beta notes on PE3 done before I work on the next draft of CS1.

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