29th of March 2019

Good evening! Only 412 words today, while yesterday in about the same timeframe I wrote over 900.

But anyway, a little slow at the moment. I am in a bit of rut that I’m working on getting out of. I like the direction I’m going with this vampire story now. I want to get back into working on two pieces at the same time though. I know what story I also want to work on and once this weekend is out of the way (I’ve got a lot going on this weekend so it’ll be a low word count weekend. Next week though, I’m going to try and schedule what I’m doing each day. At the moment I can easily write 500 words between before work and my lunch break. Then in the evenings get editing done. I’ve got my final changes on the zombie book to do, and begin the editing process on CS1.

So, a busy week ahead!

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