31st Of March 2019 (Time To Step Up)

Today I have written 535 words(I had the day off as it’s my parents 40th wedding anniversary) and overall for March I have written 14463 words for the month. Closer to the 20k, but not close enough. I have been lazy, damn lazy. Yes I’ve done a lot of editing but I could have still fit in more words.

This week I am looking to step up a little. 500 words a day. That I can easily achieve between before work and lunch breaks. I’ve pulled up another partly written story to work on as well as the vampire stuff. I do find I’m better when wriring multiple stories at a time. I get stuck on one, I can switch straight to another one.

In the evenings I’ll get caught up on editing. I’ve got my final notes on my mini zombie collection and get started on the first edit pass of CS1. If I can get the zombie collection done and ready for Beta readers, and the first edit pass of CS1 done by this time next week I’ll be a happy man.


Choppy sea at Leysdown today.

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Now, I’m off to bed. Busy week coming up.


4 thoughts on “31st Of March 2019 (Time To Step Up)

  1. Good luck this week! I have a busy week, too. It’s the start of 2nd quarter 2019, and I want to take a good bite out of my 2nd quarter goals.

    The water looks quite turbulent. I wouldn’t want to be out there!

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    • That’s closers I get to water like that! I’m told when it’s really bad it’s crashing against where I was standing!

      Good luck with your goals! I’ve just shared a picture on my social media of this weeks goals. I’m hoping breaking it down to weekly will help keep me on target 😊


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