1st Of April 2019

Last night after I wrote yesterdays blog post I put together a list of targets for the week. I thought it out and come up with what I thought was doable in seven days. Here’s the list:

Firstly, yes my hand writing is that bad! But I can just about read it and sometimes writing something down like this implants it into my head better than just thinking it.

When I wrote this I knew it would change during the course of the seven days and it took till all of midday for it to change. The cinema which was a maybe is a no, but on Thursday I’ve got coffee with two other writers.

That’s not a big change to having this list ticked off by the end of the week though. I got a good start as well. Today I’ve written almost 900 words and edited almost half of the zombie story. I’d like to have it done tomorrow but we’ll see. I’m still setting aside three days for it. If I get it done in two then I’ll just bump up starting the CS1 edit.

So, a good start. Lets keep it going!

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