Good Morning, Sunday 2nd June 2019

Good morning all. I am off from the day job for the next week. This break is a little overdue (my fault) and much needed. I’ve got a few plans but overall it’ll be a bit of a chilled out week. I will be trying to get on track with projects.

Something that has really struck me this last week is for my longer projects, I need to take more time with. I need to think them out better, build the characters more and plot them out. I’ve one where its all jumbled up in my head and I’ve got to just sit down and map out how I want the story arc and the character arcs to go. This means I need to figure out how to do all of that! But those skills will come with trial and error.

With what I’ve been working on this last few days, it’s been the vampire book and after loving the story I wrote last for it, I’m not as in love with this one. I think this book will go into what I was just talking about with mapping projects out better. There’s a lot going on that I think I may have to rethink my goal of having this out next year some time. I also think I’m struggling with it because I don’t have another project I can jump into when I am getting stuck. So I’m going to bump up CS1 and read through that and the notes I already have for it so I can get stuck into getting it wrapped up.

My first task next week will be to get the beta notes on the zombie book done.

Have a super day, all!

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