Good Morning 6th Of June 2019

Good morning! I’ve not done a whole lot of writing this week. I edited and did a little writing on Tuesday. The Zombie book is very close to being done! Which is awesome but scary too!

I’ve got a bit lost with the vampire book and need to try and get back on track with that. I’ve had a few days off from it so hopefully the story I’m working on will come along a little easier now I’ve had a few days off from it. I have started working on connecting the dots of CS1 as well. In the past working on multiple pieces has helped as when I get stuck on one I can switch to another. So hopefully that’ll work this time.

I also want to do some outlining for another project that I’ll like to be getting stuck into in the next eighteen months.

Something I’ve realised recently is I’m not ready to be writing pieces that are more than say 30k words. Anything longer then I need to be doing more outlining. The vampire book does fall into this somewhat so I’m adjusting the timeline for when I want that done by because of it. That means CS1 will be bumped up as I don’t think that needs as much to get it where I want it.

Right, I’m going to stop rambling now. Because that’s what it feels like I’m doing, and get some words written.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning 6th Of June 2019

    • I think it’ll be a trilogy that I’ll write as one story and then break down. It’ll need some research and at least one of the books will have some flashback scenes to it. I’ll also have a big cast of characters and a lot of world building I’ll have to get done before I’m ready to start writing. A lot of work to do.


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