25th of June 2019

Good morning, yes it’s the 26th that I’m writing this but it covers what I did yesterday to reach my writing goals. Which was not a lot!

Before work and during my lunch break I did write, but cannot remember how many words I wrote. Then last I came over to my girlfriends for the evening, so didn’t do anything writing wise.

Although I can’t recall the exact amount I wrote yesterday, I know it wasn’t near the 1000 words I needed. Which means that’s two days where I’ve not hit target. This is something I’m not too worried about. Firstly, I’ve got a lot of the year left and secondly, there’s going to be days where I’m knocking out more than the 1000 words per days I’ve set myself. Something I learnt about NaNoWriMo is that if I get a day when I don’t hit target, don’t start the next thinking I need to write mor Ethan the daily target to catch up. I find for me it can weigh heavy on me and if I start having a few days where I’m trying to catch up, I struggle more and more.

If you set yourself a target of a thousand words a day, aim for that regardless of what you may have done the previous day.

Right folks, I’ll be leaving for work soon. Have a super day 🙂

And here’s a random picture of Raven sitting on a notebook a whole second after I’d put it down!

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