5th of July 2019

Good evening all. I have written 1023 words today. Ten minutes ago when I was checking my word count for the day I saw I was off by 43 words, so I cracked out a few more words and boom! I hit the 1000 words for the day. Very, very happy about this.

Today has been a busy one. I managed to get up early and get some words down, which was good because I didn’t get stuck in as much as I’d have liked during my lunch break.


My rolling three day targets, one out of three today isn’t bad, right?

This evening I’ve had a lot of non-writing stuff to do, which I’ve done! I won’t have much time tomorrow as I’ve got work and then friends over in the evening. So I’m aiming to knock out as many words as I can. I’m about to start an action scene, so hopefully that’ll help get the words flowing quickly.

Right, I’m off to bed. Because that’s how I roll on a Friday night! Have fun everyone!

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